Sunday, October 16, 2011

My life without Benzoyl Peroxide

Ok so about a month ago my facialist suggested I went completely off Benzoyl Peroxide, according to her this ingredient used to fight acne and breakouts causes dependance on some people. I almost freaked out when she suggested this, I have been on prescription Benzoyl peroxide for about three years ("Duac" specifically).
However, I decided to give this a try because I have noticed that if I ever let a few days without using my then beloved Duac my face would break out like crazy and I didn't want to depend on prescription stuff.
So instead of using this prescription I started just using two products morning and night, these are the SkinMedica Foaming Wash and SkinMedica Purifying Toner. (The active ingredient on both of these is Salicylic Acid 2%).
The first two weeks were a total nightmare I have to admit, many days I was tempted to go back to my Duac tube, I resisted, I was not about to let two weeks go to waste just to start over again in a few weeks. I was determined to get off Benzoyl peroxide.
By the third week my skin was already showing some improvement, no major blemishes but I was starting to get a lot of little tiny ones around my nose and though I could have picked at them, I really wanted to test the effectiveness of these products so I left them alone.
So now it's been a month on these two products and I have to say that I stopped wearing full coverage foundation, I am now using just pressed powder and my skin is doing better than a couple weeks ago, all the blemishes I had are almost gone (even the tiny ones) and best of all, I am off Benzoyl Peroxide!!!! No more prescription acne stuff for me. I will continue to use these products because even though they may be a little pricey, the ingredients are more natural than any other acne products that I may have tried and have success with.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by SkinMedica or anybody to talk about these products. I purchased them with my own money and paid full price for them.

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